A Steady Diet of Sliders…..Chris Clarke

Chris Clarke…

Life age is much older than his baseball age.…missed a full season dealing with Tommy John surgery and the recovery process

Group: 4 | Round: 9-15 | Role 45


The more I saw, the more I liked….

Gut Instinct:

Worm Killer

Defining Moment

Staying healthy all year was a big goal, and he held up very well in a competitive HS league…

Stats as of 5/20
ERA   IP   H   R   ER  BB   K  HR
Clarke    1.90    59    63    30    16   16   48    0
Gowdy   1.24   56.2   42   16   10    5   93   1
Nolan     .50     55.2   16     4     4    16  79   0
*source MaxPreps

Inside Info

No one visits with that much vigor unless they really mean it

Body Type

Fairly athletic and well stuctured….6’5 frame reminds me of Troy Glaus body….will add on more strength, especially lower half…. good pitchers body and presence on the mound….potential to become monster, no future weight problems seen


Pitches have a natural heavy downward sinking motion that bores in on RH and away from LH….hitters beat to the ground…..Flahses a true slider w/ tight rotation that starts out looking like the FB then drops off the table late and gets hitters to chase….stuff will play up against wood bats and with elite defenders behind him…


Inconsistent command….falls in love w/ SL. FB velo dipped and sat 87-89….can flatten out and stay up….arm strenght??? part of TJ recovery process??? Some minor mechanical adjustments needed…better leg drive to the plate could help generate velo

Future Role: 45 – Reliver

Has the chance to add 20-30 pounds of muscle and basically fill out a perfect frame for a power relief pitcher w/ FB/SL combo…. could be effective w/ avg. FB as niche/situational type reliever who depends on movement and SL…will provide a match-up advantage that will generate an extreme rate of groundballs

Risk Factor

Moderate but the risk is real….will need to check medicals….concern that he will not be able to enhance or maintain value for sustained period of time due to previous TJ

Red Flag Indicators

1. Health History/Tommy John 

2. Dip in velo

Make-Up | Fortitude

Battle-tested….endured 18 months of  rehab to recover from Tommy John surgery to pitch senior yr in competitive HS league


Firm commitment to USC…..but a dinner date is a classic American courting ritual……..confidience is high after a successful and healthy season….may want to play off that momentum and sell the benefits of player development in pro ball over college.  Father is a business entrepreneur with a palatial ranch, you may find them flexbile in pursuit of america’s pastime???  If you’re charming enough you may be able to close the deal


Will price himself out….a team will take a flyer after 10th RD, have left over money and  offer $200k to see if he’ll bite….some will Red Flag cause of previous TJ

Career Path Prediction

College follow or potential steal in draft that would be stashed away in extended spring training for a year or two to build arm strenght and body