A Bat is Not Going to Get it Done…


Gut Instinct: 

Striking out large….that’s not going to get corrected in pro ball

Group: 3 | Round: 3-4|  Role 40

Look: at USC 4/28/16



Cape Cod League-leading 12 home runs (summer 2015)

Batted .319 with a team-leading 58 RBI and 15 home runs in 2015

Where did the swing go??

Inside Info:

New head coach….. coached Kris Bryant at USD….teaching same swing???

Defining Moment:

Alarming BB/K


Raw Power….if he received a gift fastball, he could no doubt do some damage to the ball. Arm Strength is there….got limited look of him  on the mound…. looked poised and confident, FB 92-93 w/ run, flahses breaking ball and CH….may have more value as pitcher


Swing-and-miss tendencies will limit career as hitter….. linear mechanics causing small pocket in which he can strike the ball; Finishes w/ poor weight transfer, Drops rear shoulder. No chance w/ velo waist up & in.

Body Type

Built along the lines of Kris Bryant, long legs, long muscle tone

Future Role: 40 –  Long Reliver

I don’t expect to see improvements at the plate unless a major overhaul of mechanics takes place…to salvage talent I’d move to pitcher where he has a proven track record and confidence is highest….I project a filler/swingman type more likely to wind up in long relief role.

Risk Factor

Medium….2-way package, arm is servicable…. wouldn’t hestitate to move to P if bat falters….

Red Flag Indicators

1. K/BB Ratio as hitter

2. Linear Swing path


Cue the memory reel of good times at UofA….will get overdrafted cause of lack of bats in this draft class


You’ll need a court order to open my wallet to pay him to be a hitter…see him going late 3rd to 4th… would negotiate $450k and pick up his last year of school

Career Path Prediction

Higher ceiling as hitter so I see a team giving him a chance to find his swing in hopes of big power ala Kris Bryant….give or take two years before succumbing to pitching full time….


Initiation of Linear Swing….taking knob straight to ball…creating small pocket to strike ball, notice how low hands are….
Weak point of contact…arms are extended, no elbow/hip linkage, no torque in swing results in  power leakage
Result is swing n miss, notice catcher’s glove/pitch location..big hole in swing there…notice front foot how little torque/rotation there is…
2nd AB – See pitch location….again arms extended, weak hip rotation – see front foot…


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