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Draft 2018

Draft Day Winners: Day 1

MLB Draft 2018   Day 1 Winners   1) Detroit Tigers Mize – Big League Ready Meadows – Power/Speed combo is enticing A lot can happen in a short amount of time by adding impact talent     2) Arizona Diamondbacks Selected a core of everyday big leaguers that will impact run scoring and run prevention Matt… Keep Reading

Final Draft Board: Preference List (6/4/18)

MLB Draft 2018 Time to Put the 2018 Draft Class to Bed….   Preference List: Final Draft Board (w/ Future Value in Mind) Regulars to Impact   1) Jordyn Adams Potential potential to dream on..ball hawk in the outfield w/ elite wiggle in the hips to hit. Type of athlete w/ skills, demeanor & competitive… Keep Reading

Draft Preview: Cataloging the Outfield Bats 

MLB Draft 2018 Draft Preview: Cataloging the Outfield Bats (5/31/18) Watching film and trusting what my eyes see here…. Everyday to Impact Bats 1) Jordyn Adams – baseball’s next superstar?   2) Connor Scott – Next Kyle Tucker?   3) Trevor Larnach – Reminds me of Freddie Freeman   4) Parker Meadows – Explosive hips,… Keep Reading

Updated MLB Mock Draft 2018 – 1st Round (5/22/2018)

MLB Mock Draft 2018 – 1st Round:   Let’s decode the 1st round as of  (5/22/2018)   Pick 1: Detroit Tigers Tiger Paws everywhere…… Are red flags flying in Tigers’ executive offices?  Bearing medical issues we thought Mize was going to be a Tiger for life! So what went wrong? The same thing that always goes wrong with pitchers with… Keep Reading

Who Will Go #1 in 2018?

Let’s break out the bubbly and celebrate the Parade Marching Ace in this year’s draft.   Is it Hankins or Singer?   Who will stay healthy?   Remember Georgia peaches typically bloom in the spring and ripen in the fall….       MLB Draft 2018 Tigers – How loud is a Tiger’s roar? Will… Keep Reading

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