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Draft 2019

MLB Mock Draft 2019

MLB Mock Draft 2019  (5/20/2019)  Here’s proof that my mock draft looks a lot different than yours….     Pick 1: Baltimore Orioles  The astrO’s process here mirrors Raiders Nation…..tight lip and secretive. And make no mistake about it, Mike Elias is making this decision……catcher or shortstop? who’s more valuable? who would you pay $300… Keep Reading

MLB Mock Draft 2019 (4/23/2019)

MLB Mock Draft 2019  Picks 1 thru 10  (4/24/2019)  Smoke-screen season remains in full effect ahead of the MLB draft….. but for fun let’s get decode the 1st ten picks….     Pick 1: Baltimore Orioles  The new regime will be frying it’s first bird……  Rutschman is the consensus 1st pick but has that momentum come… Keep Reading

Top 100 Prospects ( Pro Preference List) April 2019

  Top  100 Prospects ( Pro Preference List )  4/15/2019 1-50 ( Impact, All-Stars, MVP’s)   51-100 ( Regulars capable of plus seasons)      Top 100 per Team |  ** Bullish On | (   ) Outside the 100 Tatis Gore Paddack Patino Morejon Weathers Urias?? Mejia?? Potts Campusano **   (Reed)     Pache Waters**… Keep Reading

Preseason MLB Draft Preference List 2019

Preseason Draft Preference List (as of 1/9/2019) Group 1 – 1st Round   Top Tier     Group 2 – 1st Round Mid Tier      Group 3 – 1st Round – Early 2nd Rd Back Tier Twitter @sammonroy Keep Reading

Preseason Draft Board 2019

Pre-Season Draft Board 2019  (1/10/2019) MLB Draft 2019 Draft Board  $$ (floor value/number) pre-season The draft board & dollar values will play themselves out in the coming months. Who will move climb and who will slip? Who will be added to the board? Catchers Adley Rutschman Round 1  (1-1 )  $5.5m Shea Langeliers – Round 1… Keep Reading

What will the 2019 MLB draft be remembered for?

I’ve already published a preseason mock and I’ve started putting together my draft board and preference list. Now let’s have a little fun with some draft storylines…..   For what will the 2019 MLB draft be remembered?   Storyline #1   Bobby Witt Jr or Adley Rutschman?     Storyline #2   Will 2020 catching prospect… Keep Reading

MLB Mock Draft 2019 (12/25/2018)

MLB Mock Draft 2019  Picks 1 thru 50   (12/25/2018)  The details are scant this early in the process….. but for fun let’s decode the 1st 50 picks and check back five months from now.     Pick 1: Baltimore Orioles  The new regime will be frying it’s first bird……Rutschman or Witt? Well rounded catcher’s are… Keep Reading

Panama Notes Plus Bobby Witt Jr Cycle (Video) #Panama

1st Ab vs Soft Throwing LHP, good approach vs CH didn’t roll over, flared single RF 2nd Ab vs RH, nice approach again, staying inside the ball &  taking CB other way 3rd Ab vs LH,  turned on belt high FB. Don’t know velo here. 4th Ab vs LH Recognizes spin well, you hang it… Keep Reading

Perfect Game All-American Game – Quick Bites

PG Pageant Notes   Which players will boost farm system rankings?     Bobby Witt Jr It’s public knowledge by now that hard contact eluded him this summer. He went 0-for-Area Codes and Perfect Game.   According to Samcast 85 percent of batted balls in play were weak, I saw 19 foul balls and 12 swing n… Keep Reading

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