Kevin Gowdy…..A Future Ace?

Kevin Gowdy….

A Future Ace….with the privilege of pitching against all the top pitchers in the league? Is some team secretly in love with you?


Composed of all the All-American elements……Team USA, UCLA commit, Boras commit and the enormous milestone in any prospect’s career a PG All American….. it would seem as if there is nowhere to go but becoming an Ace…..


Stayed on him all year…..I saw him at his best, saw him at his worst…. and saw him settle into who he is

Defining Moment #1

I was ready to anoint him “Arm Candy” after his 1st start of the year. I couldn’t wait to get home and tell the internet…FB had some swagger touching 94-95….he seemed to radiate legitimacy

Defining Moment #2

My excitement was tempered after some backsliding in velocity in April….it made me take my hat off and scratch my head….maybe it was my fault for holding him on such a high pedestal?? 

Inside Info

A handful of teams sat on him for each start …the rest of the info I know I claim to be illegal for me to share…though I did see Dave Stewart

Body Type

California influence is obvious……tight waist w/ narrow frame, lean thighs and calves….he can squeeze into a pair of skinny jeans after eating two double doubles with no problem….very thin bone structure…worried how much bigger/stronger lower half will actually get.……..on par for a future 6’3 Jon Garland??


Exhibits technical mastery with ability to throw the ball to specific quadrants of the the strikezone w/ an average fastball and breaking ball….but he is not that innocent, he has a dirty little secret… the two seamer flashes run/sink and the breaking ball can be deceptive….it comes out of the same plane as his fastball, with a sweeping action across the southernmost portion of the plate that gets hitters to chase


Presently not strong enough to hold best stuff deep in games…Fastball and breaking balls can flatten out and catch too much of the plate second time around …...will need to make room in arsenal for change-up and trust it….there were times he stopped throwing it…..still on fence on the feel for CH, too many balls tumbling out of hand…should I be concerned w/ length of fingers and or wrist flexible???


Pitching Mechanics

Elbow is below shoulders and throwing arm in ideal position at foot strike…..lower half works so well it makes me question where additional velocity will come from??


Risk Factor

Mild…..comfort of delivery, pitchability and character outweigh the risks…I have a strong feeling he will maintain his value/role

Red Flag Indicator #1

Where is boost in velo going to come from?…… boost in velo is going to have to come major strength gain in lower body.…don’t see drastic body change happening


Red Flag Indicator #2

Inconsistency w/ Change-up…….For kicks, it made think “Are there ideal Hand Measurements for Pitchers?” ie. finger length, wrist flexibility??

gowdy3Pedro Martinez for example below had long slim fingers that bent in a way human fingers shouldn’t bend, enabling him to perform all kinds of sorcery on baseballs……



Disciplined with professional routine and attitude. Routine and game plan will translate to production


Quite and polite demeanor….. good clubhouse guy…saw him slapping teammates with high fives but no fist pumping or doing finger guns…

Future MLB Role: 53 – Starting Pitcher

Group: 2 | Round: 2 | Role 53

College Ready Pitcher…..Pro wise not seeing the “Power Arm” I need in a “Front Line” RHP to warrant big $$…..Don’t see a big boost in velo in future…. Future strength gain will help sustain current velo and stuff deeper into games…. Ceiling as #3 who is more dependable than exciting and can be counted on to be durable and provide innings…..may contribute to a “plus” season…..The essence of his pitching style will be changing speeds and eye-levels….pitch savy will keep his team in the game and give his team a chance to win….. if CH doesn’t develop, it’s tough to see him more than a back-end type providing innings


Living in Santa Barbara costs an arm and a leg….May want show up at the door with an extended G-note or with great Kansas City BBQ ( Dad is originally from KC) and is a numbers guy…..Extremely split between college and pro ball here, would need the right deal to sign….I question his liberty bells….has that small country boy feel…..but academia may be his preference rather than the back fields


I’d like to have but the downside it’s going to take up a good chunk of the draft budget….. could probably get a nearly identical look for a fraction of the price??  I see price tag at 2million, leaving roughly 1.2m after taxes and gratuity to the Boras Corp…..could see a Boras loyalist jumping in and putting out the charity jar for future discounts…watch out for teams at the back end of RD1, 1S, early 2RD, especially east coast teams…..if he slips it’s because he really wants to go to UCLA and set his price demand extremely high 

Career Path Prediction

Will grow old with an organization and pitch long enough to collect a pension…. has chance to move up the ladder quickly….already shows poise and pitches as if in the Major Leagues….I expect lower minor league success/domination versus higher levels…. CH will dictate progress

Discussions | Notes

Where is boost in velo going to come from?……Arm Strength? ……Has he peaked? ….. command/deception guy?

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