Sisters of the Poor No More…

Lucas Erceg…

Made a Pocket Full of Money off Sisters of the Poor


All-Pac 12 First Team selection at Cal (2015)

Academically ineligible and transferred to Menlo College (2016)

Group: 2 | Round: 3|  Role 48


 at Biola 4/15/16, at Westmont 5/10/16


Defining Moment

It was pretty clear in the batting cage that you could ask him to do things with the bat and he made adjustments pretty easily…

Inside Info

 Two former GM’s on the Lucas Erceg trail late in the season


Easy loose trigger w/ bat speed, keeps his hands inside well….good bat path….ball will jump off bat (pull side)….plus arm strength, loves to show it off.…saw him look quite good on defense, making difficult plays as well as the routine ones….good feet and hands…bends and ranges well to both sides…can throw from any angle…potential gold glove if works on his craft


I saw him against disappointing competition….in the zone aggressiveness will need to be toned down, can get jumpy and handsy at times..pull oriented….will need to control ABs and be disciplined and work counts in favor or take walks

Body Type

Built like Matt Carpenter…not much definition to body, flat chest, long legs but with better flexibility, agility, and mobility….Can play a corner outfield spot or 1B in an emergency

Future Role: 48 –  Position Player (3B) 

Capable of handling an everyday role at 3B and delivering a “plus” season though less likely to sustain over the long term… aggressiveness at plate will hurt 

Risk Factor

Medium….2-way package….Jacob deGrom if bat falters

FB 92-94 w/ feel for off-speed stuff

Red Flag Indicators

The portions where always generous against sisters of the poor but thriving in a Major League environment involves many non-physical behaviors….Will he learn to be passively aggressive enough at the plate to walk, hit and be a run producer or will he lose interest ? Will he work hard enough to make adjustments? Will he flunk out ala at what happened at CAL?


Hitting up a slew of  Pre-draft workouts on the East Coast…..but No Leverage here, no grades….in desperate need of rescue from baseball purgatory…should jump at 1st pre-draft deal offer


As if the Baseball God’s blessed Scouting Directors….a team can strike gold here, it’s the perfect situation for a team’s draft wallet….looking at probably half the assigned value of a pick

Creating Torque, separation of hands and lower half
At foot Strike… Notice balance and position of hands
Initiation of Swing…notice hips ahead of hands…back elbow between hands and body (linking w/ back hip) Arm across chest w/ bend…Notice bat angle
Notice back elbow aligned w/ hip…arm across chest
Point of Contact – High & IN pitch…..notice how his body is squared up..elbow in power L position..flat hands
Notice the balance….hips rotated, back foot comes up naturally…front foot comes up on it’s side cause of torque generated and applied