The Most Beautiful Disaster I Saw this Spring…

Matt Krook…

Gut Instinct:

Too much loss in value too fast means problems…Arm action can’t often be altered

 Group: 2 | Round: 3 | Role 46

Look: at UCLA 4/21/16 –

Started and worked 1.2 innings before being pulled


35th overall pick in 2013 Draft (Marlins) didnt sign – Post-draft MRI revealed a slight tear in his pitching shoulder – Tommy John Freshman year at Oregon  (2014)

Defining Moment

Needed a strike zone the size of hula hoop at UCLA

Inside Info

Heavy SD presence including GM, at least two other scouting directors. Goes 2S, 3rd Rd to a team w/ extra picks or strong farm system that can take a risk… not for the faint of heart

Body Type

At first glance reminds me of nasty boy Randy Myers? Fairly Athletic, strong lower half


LHP pumping a low-mid-90s FB w/ life. CB/Slider offers a violent break that will make hitters look bad


Arm action doesnt jive, unable to throw the ball to specific quadrants of the strikezone

Future Role: 46 – Reliver

I don’t expect to see big results soon but there’s something to be said for his ability to miss bats. For a team building a Royals-esq building there’s a low/mid-90s fastball and hard CB/Slider that could make him effective in short bursts. Lack of dependable command limits opportunity for a more meaningful role.

Risk Factor

High – like blowing money on a used car without a warranty

Red Flag Indicators

1. Health History

2.  K/BB Ratio

3.  Suspect Arm Action


Check the price tag, stock falling fast, teams red flagging. Should return to school, work on craft and prove he is healthy, capable starter could drive value up. Risky move though…


Doesn’t add up to a million dollar arm, I would take in 3rd RD….negotiate underslot deal….if I’m feeling charitable in the mid $300k-$400k…. If won’t budge, walk away — you may find him suddenly more flexible or you get a compensation pick in 2017.

Career Path Prediction

Trading ball caps and team jerseys, teams will always be aggressive about acquiring left handed pitching. Starts out as starter in Minors before succumbing to reliever…If health holds up there’s enough physical talent to reach the major leagues.…health and pitching coach will be key.

Advanced Report

Does he have a 3rd pitch?

does being effectively wild count?? I’d rather have him focus on FB/CB combo for short burst as reliever

Swing n miss stuff?

yes…plus hitters struggle to square him up

Can he turn the lineup 3 times?

no….inconsistency will put organization in position to seek upgrade

Can he perform on demand?

would hesitate to use with game on the line…lacks consistency to be relied upon in high leverage situations

Pitching Mechanics endangering his arm?

concerned w/ timing. Forearm is not in the proper position at foot strike. That timing problem will tend to increase the distance, and thus the force, with which arm rotates and increases the stress on both the elbow and the shoulder.

Video Analysis

Notice bend in elbow at arm swing, also see how pitching elbow is behind his back at foot strike



looks fierce and or like wincing in pain


conveys toughness, dealt w/ elbow injury and the subsequent recovery process

Mental Toughness

the struggle is real…concerned with emotional and mental state. Really exhausts himself as he comes to a set, too much focus on’s not sustainable as starter

Sex Appeal

looks dirty….



can sit mid-90s in bursts, late life – some effort

Breaking Ball

thrown hard, tight rotation, sharp bite

Change up

n/a didn’t see it

Control| Command

BB/IP ratio will give you nightmares

Arm Strength

fast arm

 The Final Bite

Matt Krook is like buying a used Car, there will always be market for a left handed pitcher’s but make sure to check its service records its reliability and its efficiency because there’s no warranty here. A famous trick is to detail the heck out of a car to make it look new, without fixing big problems. So check for horrible noises (see video below, turn sound on and pay attention for noises) Still, it’s a good idea to have your mechanic/technician look at this arm

Debates and Discussions

are faults correctable? is the margin for error is too great to overcome? healthy? starter or reliver?….Opinions will vary significantly.