Mickey Moniak…..A Home Run Pick

Mickey Moniak……Number one draft pick? and the subject of beautiful Topps trading cards…

Mickey Moniak

BP isn’t overwhelming sexy ….but he will leave beauty marks all over the field


Completely went right under my nose during batting practice at a MLB sponsored showcase about a year ago.…..but in that game he left his beauty marks all over the field… A romance started and has blossomed


We had some good times throughout the summer….

Defining Moment #1

I know what I’m getting from Mickey Moniak….

Defining Moment #2

No drastic mechanical improvement is a recipe for success….

Inside Info

No hitting coach….


Body Type

Athletic gangly youth whose body and fast twitch muscles have yet to fully develop/peak….will be constructed like a future Steve Finley (wiry strong)


Championship caliber make up w/ advanced feel to hit….makes consistent hard contact with textbook swing that isn’t overly stylized or stuffy…..consistent performer w/ plus athleticism to be one of the game most staunchest defenders


Lacks sex appeal…..Modest bat speed….lacks raw bat speed/power, BP is underwhelming, arm is fringy avg….can be aggressive in the zone….will have prove to be physically durable to withstand the grind

Hit Tool

Swing Comp Joe Mauer……Straight up stance, slight load. Hands in good hitting position at foot strike. Hips lead hands. Barrel in zone. Ability to see ball deep. Excellent point of contact. Cohesive, repeatable swing……keeps his hands inside the ball….resets and repeats

Plate Discipline

Covers all parts of the strike zone, puts ball in play (very few foul balls)…...learning to controlling AB’s and work counts….will need to force pitchers to adjust to him rather than vice versa…has shown tendencies to be 1st pitch aggressive….hits lefties


Not going to hit a huge number of home runs, but he’s hardly punchless …..Future strength gain w/ slight load adjustment will lead to more torque/levrerage which will result to an increase in power


Fringy Average, doesn’t have any real strength coming behind the ball…future strength gain should help…opposing teams will challenge


Pitchers will be reaping the benefits…shows plus instincts on the field, making difficult plays as well as the routine ones


Will leg out hits…room to improve running technique,  strength training will result in better quick twitch acceleration on base paths and defense



Championship makeup and instintics, will find ways to be more serviceable, make adjustments…will bear fruits out of this movement


Attuned to the rhythms of the locker room, will make teammates better

Risk Factor 

Minimal –  Tools, skills and performance and instincts give me a strong feeling of conviction that he will enhance or at least maintain his role……Worst case scenario if he’s not hitting, he still figures out a way to get on base, plays good defense and provides leadership to championship team

Red Flag Concern #1 

Will he draw enough walks to post a serviceable on-base percentage? I witnessed a lot of first pitch swinging, some of that aggressiveness will need to be toned down to sustain a good OBP/batting avergae

Red Flag Concern #2

Minor league life will test the equilibrium of his body….Will he wilt in the summer heat?

Future MLB Role:  56 Centerfield

Solid Major League player who contributes in many different ways to a Championship team.….All-Star in his best seasons….Outstanding middle of the field defender w/ offensive skills…. No drastic mechanical improvement is a recipe for success…. potential All-Stars, Gold Glove’s, Batting Titles, Championships…


Number one draft pick and the subject of beautiful Topps trading cards or UCLA?


Under-slot seven figure deal is the right way to do affordable luxury and use the $avings to be aggressive in preceding picks…..With no clear cut #1, I see the Phillies jumping on Moniak  for safety and the savings…expect them to go for high risk high reward types in preceding picks

Career Path

Slow off the gate, will need to build a foundation, build strength but will be on the fast track

Final Bite

Mickey Moniak is like the girl next door in spikes who’s been right under your nose the whole time while you were looking for sexy. She is sweet, wholesome and easy going, she is the girl that has no one looking at because everyone wants sex appeal …….shy and modest but when she is yours she is a cougar in the sheet, she will make you smile, she will cook for you….. She’s the girl that is right for you!

© Sam Monroy