Boy Meet World…..Nick Lodolo

Lefties who command a breaking ball get to the majors quickly…. 

Nick Lodolo….

Lefties who command a breaking ball get to the majors quickly…. 


Left-handers are different packages and come in strange ways…I went back to confirm my findings and reached “Stalker” status….

Group 2 | Round 2s-3 | Role 52


Recognizable to even the greenest amateur, this arm had the distinction of being one of the most visually striking and memorable arms of the summer pageant tour

Defining Moment

Distinguished himself from the “skinny jean class” by progressing throughout the year….fastball started coming out hot out of his hand….it was backed up with playable and projectable secondary offerings with better overall feel for execution…..hitters looked uncomfortable

Inside Info

I witnessed ogling, that boldly desirous aggressive way of seeing things…..which is the primary domain of baseball executives and scouting directors……in the ultimate audition test a GM stopped in

Body Type

I’ve got my mind on his body…..Looks like beanpole out there, who will need to be feed….perhaps some grass-fed New York strips or perhaps he’ll discover the round-the-clock comforts of the Waffle House, returning day after day for steak and eggs….it will be a career move


Projectable lefty w/ natural tailing action on fastball…..he’ll open ‘er up and by “open ‘er up’, I mean touching 92-93…..breaking ball has a credible bounce that flashes….it curves like a Six Flags ride and bites over the outside corner and gets hitters to chase….will eat up left handed hitters…..easy arm action and deliver w/ some deception


 Stretches of inconsistency will be there, control and command can suffer …..that will be part of the expereince…..the breaking ball can fall somewhere between a slider and a curve and be very loose…..doesn’t have present strength to hold velo.….whether he can fill out may be the bigger question

Future MLB Role: 52 – Starting Pitcher

Starting pitcher who will sit in the middle of  rotation….stuff will be better than command…..performances will be uneven compared to those in higher roles but he’ll take his turn every 5th day and be subtly effective……but like a great book series, the true story of Nick Lodolo will be fed to us in small, bite-sized pieces.…I don’t expect to see big results soon, but he has more things going for him than against him….. I view him more as on the path to refining his pitches and continuing to develop confidence in his repertoire and overall ability…..ceiling could be Andrew Miller…. will need added strength to have chance

Risk Factor

The Risk is real, though not alarming…..Nick maintains a certain level of physical projection but has enough present day skills to give me reason that he has the ability to attain the role I’ve chosen for him

Red Flag Indicators

1.  Same guy physically I saw last summer….some tall kids never actually fill out. Will he wilt in the summer heat?


He looks so innocent but he wasn’t coddled during the season and executed on twisty roads


Two symbols of minor league life are a suitcase and a bus; they are as much a part of a prospect’s life as a breaking ball is to a pitcher…..Is he ready to go out and chase a childhood dream or will he put down some roots at TCU?


He’ll be in play in late 2 Rd/2S……Teams may want to use the company expense card here, wine and dine and lock in a price before the draft…..Me? I’d steep away from from the bargaining table because my number is inching upward for a couple of reasons……

1)  Teams always have to be aggressive about acquiring left-handed pitching

2) A lefty should give you a reason not to like him.…..what’s not to like?

3) Guess what? Pitchers don’t need three pitches to pitch an inning. Two will do just fine……

4) Part of his DNA is natural movement, FB will play up

5) It’s” physical projection” over “deep raw projection” …..

The number I see Nick would need to commit is a deal around 1.2m

Final Bite

Made for a team in the business of developing, it’s a specific niche, but a profitable one…..there will be bumpy roads from time to time, but that’s OK. ….It’ll help him move closer to future glory…. hitters are going to look at each other one day and say, ‘You gotta be kidding me. I’m lucky to hit any part of his ball’


© Sam Monroy