An Arm to Lust for…..Reggie Lawson

Reggie Lawson….

An Arm to Lust for….Plus arm strength with loose, easy arm action….can be electric one day #MLBDraft #ReggieLawson…..but you can’t stay in the honeymoon phase forever…. 

Group 3 | Round 4


I hit the summer pageant circuit hard to get a little taste….no doubt the arm was to lust for…….but oh damn, oh damn I just didn’t think my fantasy would dissolve at the seams this spring… much for romance


The resume of tireless cool….including the enormous milestone of being named a PG All-American….but sorry that milestone is dated, it only makes me think you’ve peaked….time to move on

Defining Moment

We can skip all the small talk and get right to the chase on this one…..Identifying progress left much to be desired for….it felt as if he was gussied up for the pageant circuit 

Inside Info

The arm focused eyeballing dwindled to fewer scouts, still fewer scouting directors and far fewer executives

Body Type

Reminds me of James Mcdonald… tall and lean but athletic…. big hands, long fingers…. looked bigger over summer? Room on the frame for added weight…. hands too big to throw breaking balls?


Plus arm strength w/ loose, easy arm action….holds velo well, will touch flames in short bursts.….projectable body w/ effortless clean delivery….can be electric one day


Secondary pitches are pretty soulless, they lack flavor ….no need for HS hitters to bite….Breaking ball can have a visible “hump” out of the hand, that hitters can take a selfie …. tendency to rely on pure arm strength rather than using his legs….FB can at times have lousy life….will need considerable time refining his repertoire/command

Future MLB Role: 35 – Call Up Pitcher 

Will need considerable time to develop in the minor leagues before touching foot on Major League grass….Valuable enough to protect or  package in deadline deal…..If he struggles to develop his secondary pitches it’s hard to see him becoming more than a call up/send down type who’s deficiencies would be exposed over longer period of time as a starter…..can potentially be gussied up in bullpen

Risk Factor

High… might have to wait 6-7 years before Minor Leaguer turned Major Leaguer….will he throw in the towel?

Red Flag Indicators

1. Where was progress?

2. Swing n miss stuff??

3. Work ethic??


I have so many questions…. Shall I be worried about this guy’s motor?? Professional baseball is a year round lifestyle


May be blinded by dollar signs $$….. If Boras Corp. has there way ASU would be a much richer and more rewarding experience….but three years in the desert heat? Alternate route could be JC?


Arm strength is to prospects, what surgically enhanced breasts are to LA….they are admired, loved and lusted after….What’s the market rate for a showcase arm? I see excellent value in 4th RD $600K….but will a team take him sooner and lock a price in before the draft? pay check could reach seven figures 900k – $1.25m

Final Bite

 Capable of thrilling a crowd but you must pay your dues and master your craft….cheering you on

© Sam Monroy