Summer Pageant Notes: Quick Bites

Summer Pageant Notes: 

Royce Lewis – 1-1 candidate, everything combined just makes sense – goes out as CF

Jordan Adell – has the tools that will make you drool over yourself – risk/reward type here – early pick bait (future Jason Heyward here? Head Movement at the plate scares me)

Hunter Greene – bat speed? throws 95-96 touching 97-98 nuff said….

Hans Crouse – catchy name with trendy gimmicky delivery…emotional baggage included. Reminds me of Alec Hansen

Kyle Hurt > >>Alex Scherff and Shane Baz – truly a dream, commands three pitches….a classic California beauty

Trevor Rogers – small town boy with a gorgeous presentation…guarantees Insta-fame

Garret Mitchell – will have a cult like following to see if bat is for real

Cole Turney – snatched my soul – I’m bullish here for a Jeromy Burnitz type

Alejandro Toral – Kendry Morales type because who eats just one taco?

Jeremiah Estrada – start stretching hamstrings for the drive to Palm Desert, the arm speed is real

Nick Allen – don’t judge this stand by its diminutive size

Ryan Vilade – because when the sun is going down for the night and golden hour hits, just about everyone looks great

DL Hall – Kazmir like

Calvin Mitchell –  Lonnie Stewart’s all over it

Mitchell Stone & Jacob Heatherly – both intriguing LHP but I got chased out before I could find out…