The Westside Story….Nolan Martinez

Nolan Martinez….

Throwing a curveball will require many things to go right mechanically….

 If you squint enough you might catch him tapping the ball into his glove ala Jake Arrieta…does it mess w/ timing? Tips Pitches? See video


There’s no better way to cement your prospect status than having Keith Law stop in…Every year it seems a local player comes out of nowhere to “pop-up” nationally….this year it was Nolan Martinez. To his credit he made a career move during the off-season to construct his body and hone his craft and it’s paid off….

Group: 3 | Rd:  4- 5 | Role 45 


This Westside hot spot was the place to see and be seen…it was like a “hub”….the first stop for out-of- towners fresh off the plane who where about to hit the scouting trail

Defining Moment

Had no shortage of amazing performances but if we’re being totally honest here, it was against poor competition…got hit in the mouth so of speak in playoff will he respond?

Inside Info

Wants to $ign….a team’s Senior Advisor flew in to see his last start

Body Type

Athletic, medium frame w/ wiry strength…. long legs, high waist…..I believe in his future physicality…. body will be constructed like Jake Arrieta


Traditional FB/CB combo….changes eye levels….will need to disguises CB speeds better….CB can have a hard downward action that starts at letters and bites straight down…. gives hitters a different look than today’s typical FB/SL look….Arm Strength…. solid avg. FB  that has touched 94…Delivery fairly clean


Still young and refining his repertoire…..wore down as season went along….curveball can get loopy or move right to left making easier for advanced hitters to recognize and adjust…FB has mild run can flatten out….CH in early developmental stages….Throwing a CB will require many things to go right in delivery ie. wrist action, elbow action, timing…. etc etc


Future Role: 45 Starting Pitcher

College type pitcher who will get challenged in pro ball….2 yr complex guy – 6 yr plan?? Will have to continue to improve to survive…..Future back half of the rotation but not “steady” for higher role….must prove he can throw CB for strikes and get the umpire to call it.….will need to constantly change hitters eye-level w/ FB to disguise CB……will need to keep ball in the ballpark….

Risk Factor

Fair – Curveball is hard to teach/fix…a guy either has a curve or doesn’t……will PD take the curve away if he struggles???

Make-Up | Fortitude

Straight faced game and work ethic….


San Diego St. commit but you can almost hear cha-ching from his advisor….could see going earlier than expected…3rd RD?


Off-season efforts and preparation will pay off…. could see say same deal as Anthony Guardado a year ago  (Braves 3rd RD, $550k) …..SDSU commitment will limit bonus $$

Career Path Prediction

Patience will be paramount…. curveball pitchers are nostalgic, like my parents flip phone….Today’s kids and organizations want instant gratification, they don’t want to spend a lot of time learning or teaching a curve when they can pick up/teach a slider in a few hours….Like the physicality, can be hitter with time if Pitching falters…

Displaying IMG_4255.JPGDisplaying IMG_4255.JPGHitting

Like the physicality, can be hitter with time…
Looks good at Foot Strike…Notice elbow between hands and body. Notice bat angle and see front foot….hips rotating ahead of hands
See how straight front arm is….like to see a bend there
Weak point of contact…hands got out in front of body….arms extended..correctable with time

© Sam Monroy